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Kathleen is an excellent artist, inspiring teacher, and a wonderful person.
I recommend her highly to anyone who is interested in learning painting from a patient, knowledgeable art teacher.
— Joanne - Adult Student
What did you like about the course? The professionalism and educational integrity that Kathleen brings to her classes is unsurpassed by any other class I have seen at the high school level anywhere. Her classes are well-run, her lectures are interesting and well-informed, her academic style invites conversation and participation from students.
Would you recommend this course to others? Yes, every college-bound student should take it.
— Parent of student in High School Art History

Private Mentoring

Personalized mentoring sessions are a great way to make headway with your art! If you are interested in working one on one to hone your skills or even start at the beginning, please book a lesson here.

I had always hated art. It was a subject that really frustrated me mostly because I was so bad at it. When it came time to earn my art credit for high school in though, I knew I had to take Art History because history was a subject I loved!
The class was a lot more then what I had bargained for. The instructor, Kathleen Moore filled the room with her passion for art, and the lectures were always engaging. So far she is the only teacher I have had that can have me completely engrossed in the lecture for over an hour. Her enthusiasm for the subject was so contagious and her knowledge on the subject is so vast. We would study of course the artist, and their influences but we were also shown how to read the paintings as if they were books. Along with studying artistic technique we also were introduced to the history and cultural influences of the artist in the given time. I can now fully appreciate the painting as a whole, I no longer just look and see a pretty picture, but I can understand what the textures mean, what the artist is trying to say, and the social context that might have influenced the painter. Kathleen’s class has given me an amazing gift. It has opened up a whole new area that was dark to me before.
— Amina - High School Art History Student